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13 Group Discussion Tips (GD Tips)

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Group Discussion (GD) is one of the parts of the recruitment process of any company now. But, most of us feel it is very difficult to clear. But it is not so. In this article I am giving you some group discussion tips.

Here are some Group Discussion Tips

  1. Have a smiling face and confident look while speaking.
  2. Never hesitate to face others.
  3. Avoid sticking to one person.
  4. Knowledge of reading a lot of books will help you to speak about the topic.
  5. If the topic is unknown or not clear listen to others speaking. Collect points then speak boldly.
  6. It’s not a matter subject knowledge but it’s matter of mental efficiency and your refined manner.
  7. Action speaks louder than words. So you better be cautious in your behaviour.
  8. Initiating the discussion will make a good impression about you. Positive thinking and self-counseling (I’m good, I can do, I can try, I will win such thinking) will support you to do that.
  9. Let your talk be short and sweet and allow others to participate too.
  10. Avoid too much of arguing. If you can’t agree with others view of point speak sportively like “what you are saying may be true__________ but what I studied is________”. But never say “you are wrong“, “I don’t agree____” and so on.
  11. Speaking of negative points might bring your failure or wrong impression about you.
  12. Try to include the following phrases in your speech.
    • I think_______________________. (Or) I think so.
    • I don’t think___________________.
    • According to me_______________.
    • As for me____________________.
    • In my opinion__________________.
    • I agree with you/him/her_________.
    • I would like to say that____________.
    • I understand that_________________.
    • Thank you for your suggestion/idea__.
    • You are welcome.
    • You are right.
    • Let us consider_________________.
  13. You must bold enough to conclude the discussion. In conclusion try to use the following phrases.
    • Shall we all conclude_______.
    • Shall we all agree that______.
    • Let us conclude____________.

Hope these Group Discussion Tips are very much helpful to you.


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