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Asking for Advice – Useful Phrases and Example Conversation

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Sometimes you may seek other’s advice. Here is an example conversation.

Dialogue (Between a student and a well-wisher)

Student: I am in confusion.

Well-wisher: Could I be of any help?

Student: Sure. I want to be a mechanical engineer. But, my father wants me to take computer science. What would your advice be?

Well-wisher: The future is in the hands of computer engineers.

Student: Everyone wants to be a computer engineer, but I want to be different.

Well-wisher: I don’t think you should be different for different sake.

Student: Then, what would you recommend for me?

Well-wisher: Why don’t you think of research in the field of computers?

Student: That sounds good. I shall think in that line. Thank you.

Useful Phrases

Try to use the following phrases in your dialogues to keep your English better.

  • What would you advise?
  • What would your advice be?
  • Would you advise me to…..?
  • I would appreciate your advice.
  • Do you think I should….?
  • What would you recommend?
  • Could/can you advise me on/about….?
  • Could I ask for your advice on/about……?
  • What’s your opinion?
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