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Complimenting and Congratulating Others – Useful Phrases

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In fact, complementing and congratulating others is not only a good manner, it is a booster tonic for others to think positively, to develop themselves, or to mould once act or behaviour and to achieve their aim or goal.

Complimenting and Congratulating – Useful Phrases

To encourage or to appreciate one’s act, use the following phrase.

  • What a nice……!
  • What a smart…….!
  • What a wonderful……!
  • What a beautiful……!
  • What a lovely……!
  • That is/was a nice/smart/wonderful/beautiful/lovely…..
  • You look really smart/gorgeous/great/wonderful
  • It was nice/great to hear that…….
  • My hearty congratulation ….
  • My hearty felicitations.
  • I congratulate you.
  • I am very proud of you.
  • Heartful of wishes.
  • My best wishes.
  • You have done a wonderful job.
  • Awesome.

Use the above phrases to complement others. Practise them by framing sentences and try to use them in your daily conversation.

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