Easy Way of Learning English

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Learning English

Some feel learning English is a tough task. But, it is not so. Learning English is easier than we think. Let us Discuss the easy way of learning English.

If you wish to learn any language you need to follow four steps. They are,

  • 1. Listening
  • 2. Speaking
  • 3. Reading and
  • 4. Writing


From the childhood you listen the speech of others. That has great influence on your learning capability. If you listen to good English you will certainly speak good English. The more you listen more will be your capability.

The native speakers have the opportunity to listen English. Others have the influence of their mother tongues. So if you are non-English people you have to listen one particular English news channel. Why because the method of speaking and the slang differ from channel to channel. If you only listen to one news channel everyday you can follow the slang and after some days you can understand the news.

Next you have to watch English movies. Don’t watch with subtitles. Because they distract and divert your concentration on listening. Then listen to speeches of good speakers. You can view that in YouTube.

Native speakers may also do the above steps to strong their English.


Speaking is trying to convey one’s thoughts, ideas, message etc., to others. The listener should understand what you are trying to convey.

So your speech should be clear to others. The best way is to “talk English” whether right or wrong. Please remember “practice makes perfect” and “experience is the best teacher”.

Have a role model for your speech. In beginning, you may falter but keep on trying and you will succeed.


Actually reading is for your vocabulary expansion and to correct all your pronunciation as well as to get mastery over the language. So there is a great need to read English texts, novels, magazines or newspapers daily. Particularly loud reading is recommended to the beginners to attain perfection easily and quickly.


Writing English is a skill and it is an output of your knowledge of it. No need of knowing the grammar rules separate. Constant English reading will pave way for it. Grammar will be in your subconscious without knowing the rules just like finger memory. If we need we can refer grammar work book just for practice and to rectify our doubts.

Learning English is not a cry for the moon and speaking English is not a horse horn.

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