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English is the Universal Language – Why?

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There are thousands of languages in the world. Among them we consider only English as the universal language. And also non-English speakers try to learn English. English is the bridge between two different languages.

Now a days English is a must and we can’t do without it. It has become part and parcel of every man’s life, even the uncultured people. That’s why some schools insist students to speak only in English.

Why only English-The Universal Language, why not others?

This question raised in my mind. I tried to find out the reason. I found some reasonable points and I would like to share here.

Reasons that made English as Universal Language:

Simple but Rich:

A main reason is English is simple. Only 26 alphabets do many things than alphabets in other languages. Other languages have many alphabets. But borrow alphabets from other languages.

But English language only uses the 26 alphabets to frame words or sentences.

Also English is easy to learn but rich to express.


According to me English is a stylish language. We can express our feeling in different styles. People think speaking English is interesting. One, who knows English will surely know the lovability of English, hence can experience it while speaking it.


Unlike other languages English can be easily understood though it is mistakenly written.

For example:

If you write “I am form India”(Your intention is to write the word from but you’ve written form), we can easily understand it as “I am from India”. Even if you say “me from India” (of course sentence is wrong), the message that you are from India is correctly conveyed.

Likewise English can be understood easily.

Accepting Other Languages:

English has not only English words. But it also has more other languages’ words than English words. That means English is not a single language. It is a combination of languages.

For example, idly is a Tamil Word. English also has it.

Many Latin and French words are used in English with alteration.

If English people find a word to specify a thing which is not in English they won’t try to convert it to English. But they simply add that word in dictionary with English accent.

That is why Oxford Dictionary has more than 10 lacks (1 million) words now. This attitude of accepting other languages makes English rich and resourceful. We must also know the fact that other languages also use English words as colloquial terms.

Technology and Inventions:

Initially most of the inventions are invented by the English people. So they named them in English. Also for science all the technical terms are in English. Suppose if you want to learn about computer it is very easy to learn in English than in any other vernacular languages. Because the technical terms are very hard to follow and to keep in mind.

All the students learn the programming languages such as C and Java in English as they are in English. So there is a need to learn as much as we can.

Since English has only 26 alphabets, it is very easy to have them in a keyboard or in a keypad. Also for developers and designers English is the best choice since it is the default language in most of the operating systems.


Do you think English is only the simplest language in the world?

No. There can be many languages even simpler than English. Then why English is the universal language?

The main reason is that the British people ruled nearly all parts of the world. While ruling they insisted people to learn English. At that time people thought learning English is precious and this attitude continues till now.

Also English people dispersed to other countries (like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada) and developed English.

So English is spoken all over the world and thus it has become the global language.

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Katteseng ikea
1 year ago

Yes, these points are valid.

Ted Taylor
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing excellent informations. Your web-site is so cool. I’m impressed by the details that you have on this web site. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject.

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