Greeting Someone

Greeting Someone: Useful Phrases

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Practicing dialogues is one of the means to practise your English. Here are some dialogues and useful phrases for greeting someone. Practise them with expression.

Want to know how to greet someone? First, read the two model conversations and get an idea on greeting someone. And then memorize some useful phrases given so that you can use them in your conversation.

Greeting Someone – Conversation 1

Ram and Raj are friends. They meet each other after a period of time.

Ram : Hi, Raj. How are you?

Raj : Hello Ram. I am fine. How are you?

Ram : Fine. Good to see you.

Raj : Me too.

Greeting Someone – Conversation 2

Joe and Ramani meet each other after their holidays.

Joe: Good morning, Ramani.

Ramani : Hi, How do you do Joe?

Joe: Good. Nice to see you.

Ramani: I am happy to see you too.

Below there are some useful phrases to greet someone. Try to use these phrases as to keep your speeches polite, when you greet someone.

Useful Phrases for Greeting Someone

  • Good to see you again.
  • Hi, everybody
  • Glad to see you.
  • How is life?
  • What’s new?
  • What’s the latest?
  • Hope all goes well with you.
  • How are things with you?
  • I trust you’re keeping well.
  • Hope you are fine.
  • Hi, Raj. How are you?

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Greeting is the main and first thing in our conversation. To improve our communication, we have to learn some useful phrases. I hope this article regarding greeting someone is very much helpful to you.

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