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In this page you will get resources related to Tamil learning. I have collected many resources like websites, communities, text books and videos. Please check them.

Why to Learn Tamil?

Having Tamil as mother tongue Tamilians must learn and know more about it to feel the beauty of it. 

For others who are not Tamilians, it is good to learn an extra language like Tamil. You can be very much proud of you if you know the language which has great history, grammar and rich literature and has classical status.

Websites Related to Tamil Learning

Learn to read, write, listen and speak Tamil. These websites have all the resources. Also they have Tamil articles to read to improve your Tamil skills.

Online Groups for Learning Languages

These websites are online interactive communities to learn Tamil. Here you will get the topics, discussions, questions and resources related to Tamil learning.

Online Videos to Learn Tamil

I have collected many videos and playlist links related to Tamil learning from major video sharing sites. Watching tutorial videos are easy method to learn anything.

Text Books

Below are some websites to get free eBooks. 

Also below I have given some links to purchase the great books to learn Tamil.

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