Ways to Get Traffic to Your Tamil Website or Blog

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Since English is the common language in the world and many searches only in English, a pure Tamil website will not get much traffic like English websites. So, you have to do different methods to get traffic to your Tamil website. Here is a special method for a Tamil website to get high traffic.

Before doing the special method, do the normal method for any site to get traffic which is explained in the article “How to get free traffic for your website or blog”.

Now the special method. Add your Tamil sites to the following sites.

Submit your Tamil site to Tamil Blog Aggregators and Bookmarking Sites

Tamil blog aggregators automatically aggregate your blog’s RSS feed and display your blog posts automatically when you publish. So, others can rate and vote them. And, Tamil bookmarking sites provide you the feature of bookmarking your blog posts so that other users can see them. Here below some useful sites.

Submit your Tamil website to Tamil Top Sites List Websites

These sites rank Tamil sites and display them according to the ranking. Add your site and get traffic from them. Here below some Tamil top sites list website.

Add websites you know to get traffic to Tamil websites in comments.

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